14 RV Roof Vent w/Low Profile Metal Lid 75111-C


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Product Description

Standard Universal RV Roof Vent Non-Powered w/ Low Profile Metal Lid Heng’s Part # 75111-C LID COLOR Metal, Made of heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal REMOVABLE SCREEN made from strong, fine mesh HANDLE Manual Crank Style ROUGH CUT-OUT OPENING DIMENSIONS (this is the hole you will need in your roof) 14 ½” X 14 ½” ROOF FLANGE Galvanized Steel with Mill Finish EXTERIOR MOUNTING FLANGE DIMENSIONS (sits on the top of your unit) 16 ½” X 16 ½” WARNING **** All Vent Metal Flanges are VERY SHARP use caution when touching **** WARNING 1” OEM INSIDE GARNISH SHROUD Part #90090 Trim ring slides into track built-into screen housing 1 ⅛” Vertical Leg (How far up into your ceiling it goes) 1 ¼”Wide Mounting Flange (trim you see inside) COLOR white NO MOUNTING HARDWARE you must provide caulk/putty and screws


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