2x NEW CDI Switch Box 90/115/150/200 Mercury Outboard Motor 332-7778A12 Switchbox


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Applications: Mercury 50hp 3cyl 6428681-0D000749 Mercury 60hp 3cly 6428681-0D000749 Mercury 65hp 4382057-4571651 Mercury 70hp 4571652-5128279 Mariner 70hp 5128280 – Later Mercury 70hp 5579016-6428680 Mercury 70hp 3cly 0C272000-0D283221 Mercury 75hp 3cyl 0C272000-0D283221 Mercury 80hp 3cyl 0A996142-0C221999 Mercury 90hp 6cyl 5299506 – Later Mercury 90hp 3cyl 0A996142-0D283221 SportJet 90hp 0E023150-0E095087 Mercury 105hp Jet 0D082000-0G303045 Mercury 115hp 6cyl 5314656- Later Mercury V-135 0A904646 – Later Mercury 140hp 5327663 – Later Mercury 140hp Jet 0D082000-0G960499 Mercury V-150 4868998-5129429 Mercury V-150 5129480-0G960499 Mercury V-150 XR2 6616991-0A904645 Mercury XR4, Magnum II 0B242885-0D819999 Mercury V-150 XR6 0D82000-0G960499 Mercury V-175 4301235-5180108 Mercury V-175 5180109-0G960499 Mercury V-175 EFI 5180109-0G960499 Mercury V-175 XR1 5180109-0G960499 Mercury V-200 4839034-5158928 Mercury V-200 5158929-0G960499 Mercury V-200 XR1 5158929-0G960499 Mercury V-220 0B117316 – Later Mercury V-225 5628028 – Later Replaces Part Numbers: 332-7778A12 332-7778A9 332-7778A6 332-7778A3 332-5524A1 332-7778A1 332-7778A7 Mercury Marine Addl Info: Come w/Ground Wire Attached Instructions: 1). If the Black Ground Wire is Not Already Connected to the CDI Box, Fasten to One of the 4 Mounting Holes on the Outside of the Box. 2). Fasten the Other End of This Black Wire to a Good Ground Spot on the Engine. 3). If the Engine Uses an Orange Colored Lead That is Connected to the Box, Connect This to the ‘ Black/Yellow’ Stud on the New Box.


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