Dead Ringer Camping Chair | Hammock Style | Hangs on Any Tree | Lightweight & Portable


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Product Description

“Camping, Hunting, Tailgating, Hiking, Watching Games, I use this seat for everything!” – Tim Wendall, Archery and Hunting Enthusiast “This portable seat is so light, comfortable and easy to use, I take it everywhere” – Sara Thomas, Trail Hiker, Soccer Mom and Football Fan Dead Ringer designed this super easy to use seat in mind for people who….like to sit and be comfortable but with also the outdoors in mind! The Hammock chair is made of the highest end military grade materials that not only make it strong but also very light! The bucket seat design allows you to sit comfortably in any location for hours. Bird watch, rest your body on a trail hike or while mountain biking, tailgate with a cold one in your hand!, and of course true to the Dead Ringer brand…use as a stable platform for hunting! Strap it high to sit like a conventional lawn chair or low to get closer to the ground. The simplicity of the Hammock Seat allows you to set up in less than 20 seconds, and pivots so you can rotate in any direction. Adults and children of all ages and sizes will enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Dead Ringer Hammock Seat. Available in multiple colors, FREE shipping for qualified buyers.


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