Eva-Dry Bundle System Air Dry, White Sand


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Product Description

The break through Eva-dry ‘air dry’ system is a Revolution in dehumidifying. Built on eva-dry’s rock solid and proven silica gel dehumidifying technology, the new air dry system, reduces ‘dry out times’ by as much as 80Percent so, you can get back to dehumidifying faster in-between ‘dry out’ cycles. This new process uses a blower/drying base to dry out the dehumidifying silica gel quickly and efficiently. The Eva-dry air dry system is built to the highest industry standards and will be a great addition to your dehumidifying arsenal. As with all of our renewable silica gel products, the Eva-dry air dry drying units can go anywhere and are pet, child, and home safe. They will never damage your valuables, they won’t spill and best of all no messy refills


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