Flame King YSNR501 50 lb Pound Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank


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Product Description

Powder coated cylinder for high gloss, durable finish; 50 pounds. Y-valve for liquid/vapor. 3/4” NPT opening accepts 80% fill float switch shut-off device. Collar design for ease of handling. Reusable and conforms to DOT-4BA-400 specifications and ARI guidelines. Storage and transport of recovered refrigerant gases. Specifications: • Part #: YSNR501 • Height: 19.3′ • Diameter: 12.25” • Tare Weight: 31.8 LB • Water Capacity: 50 LB • Service Pressure: 400 PSI • Test Pressure: 800 PSI • DOT Approval Specification: DOT-4BA


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