Go Outfitters The Adventure Under Quilt, Hammock Camping Insulation


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Hammock camping is going mainstream. every day, more people are switching from tent camping to hammock camping. if you try it, you might find that your backside can get cold fast, because it’s exposed cool air and wind. some people use sleeping bags in hammocks but the insulation gets compressed and doesn’t work. others sleep on sleeping pads, but keeping them in place can be a nightmare. the adventure under quilt solves these problems. it’s unique, fitted design follows the contours of all body types and keeps it in place all night, so you’ll be cozy without needing to constantly readjust. it’s easy to set up, just clip it onto your hammock suspension. this full length quilt will provide head to toe coverage. the high side panels block wind and keep you insulated in any position. for maximum comfort, you can lie at a true diagonal angle in your hammock unlike, pod systems that do not allow this. the ends can be cinched up if needed to adjust the seal between the hammock and the quilt. built in line locks make it easy to adjust. once you get it set up, it’ll stay locked in so next time, just clip it on. we added six tie-off points, extra carabiners and shock cord so it can adapt to any gathered end hammock. the adventure under quilt is made from high quality fabrics. the outer shell is calendared 210t rip stop polyester that is water resistant, and blocks wind. the liner is breathable 210t polyester fabric. our max loft insulation captures your body heat to keep you toasty! it’s soft, lofty and compressible. since it’s 100% polyester, it can be washed and it dries quickly. max loft insulation is hypoallergenic, insulates even when wet and doesn’t lose loft in humid environments.


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