Hot Shots Secret 1G750KR Red Antifreeze, 1 gallon


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Product Description

Color:Red Compares to Industry Specs: TMC RP 329 Type A/302A-1 SAE J1034, J1038 GM 1825M/1899M/6277M Cummins 90T8-4, 3666132 Detroit Diesel 7SE298 Caterpillar EC-1, ECL John Deere H-5, 8650-5 Freightliner 48-22880 Ford ESE- M97B44-A, ESE-M97B44-B Meets and Exceeds: ASTM D-3306 (Automotive pre-diluted Coolant) ASTM D-4985 (Heavy-Duty Pre-diluted Coolant) ASTM D-6210 (Fully Formulated Pre-charged).


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