PEAK PKC0M08 Black Mobile Power Outlet


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Style:800-Watt Mobile Power Outlet with 2.1 USB PEAK PKC0M08 800-Watt Mobile Power Outlet with 2.1 USB offers to allow your ride to flex its mobile muscles and power up electronic devices and small appliances while on the go. This power outlet converts a vehicle’s 12-Volt power to standard household power and one 2.1A-USB by connecting directly to the vehicles battery. It includes mounting brackets designed for easy installation. To make things even easier, you can also plug the mobile power outlet into the vehicles 12-Volt outlet. Receive 800-Watts of continuous household strength power and 1600-Watts of surge tolerance. It is ETL certified which means it’s safe and will not damage the vehicle or the products it’s powering. It also offers an automatic shutdown and an alarm that protects against overload, over temperature, and low/high battery conditions. To maximize the capability of the mobile power outlet, simply connect it directly to the vehicle’s battery with the supplied clamp cord. PEAK’s parent company, Old World Industries, is an independent, family-owned business that has been a leader in the development and distribution of high-quality automotive products for over four decades. Yes, there’s a 40-year history of American ingenuity constantly pushing and never settling for less than quality products at a fair price. Forty years of entrepreneurs developing products for the most extreme climates & working conditions that equal billions of miles on the road in big rigs and billions of hours of heavy equipment in the mines and on the farm. The PEAK brand has always been a little different – and always about the customer. We’re not here to sell you more performance than your car needs just to make a few extra dollars for shareholders – We don’t have shareholders.


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