Powermadd 34458 Gauntlet X2- Sentinel/Star/Trail Star Handguards


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Product Description

The Gauntlet X2 attaches easily to any handguard giving you added warmth and protection from roost, water, snow and mud. The Gauntlet X2 uses your existing handguards for support. The updated X2 features a new look, upgraded attachment mechanism and an improved stay-open design. The stay open design allows the rider to easily see the controls, return a gloved hand to the grips, ride with thinner gloves and gives you better feel and control. Engineered and constructed with a rigid yet flexible bone material for a positive stay open design. The outside material is both wind proof and water repellent. The Gauntlet X2 fastens quickly to your handgaurd with quick loop velro straps in under five minutes and can be adjusted to your personal preference. NOTE: Works with the Sentinel, Star Series, Trail Star and most other handguards.


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