Soyond 3000W Power Inverter for Home Car RV with AC Outlets Converter 12 V DC to 120 V AC


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Product Description

Size:3000Watt Ultimate Versatility This 3000W power inverter with battery cable can be used widely for car traveling and home using ,especially for emergency . camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips, remote job sites,and even charging household items. The 3000w high power inverter can be connected directly to a battery,changes the DC battery power into AC power to run more powerful equipment such as, electric lights, kitchen appliances,TVs,radio,computer,blender and ect. Just connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverter.You’ve got portable power, whenever and wherever you need it Product Specification Rated Power: 3000 Watts, Peak Power: 6000Watts Input Voltage: DC 12V, Output Voltage: AC 110-120V Output Wave forms: Modified Sine Wave Input Over voltage Protection: DC 16±0.5V Input Low voltage Protection: DC 10±0.5V Over heat Protection: 65±5 Dimensions: 16.14” * 7.87” * 2.8” Weight: 11 pounds 5.01kg Optimal Use and Precautions 1. For DC 12V and Car ONLY, not applied for DC 24V and airplane use 2.Remember to disconnect inverter from battery if you do not use it.Otherwise,it might discharge the battery 3.This inverter is with ‘modified sine wave’ that’s perfectly fine for resistive products, not work good for inductive products. If you need to use for appliance using a motor or a delicate piece of medical equipment,please choose soyond ‘pure sine wave’ inverter Package contents: 1x 3000W Power Inverter 2x Battery Cable 6 x Screw 1 x User Manual


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