S&S Super E Carburetor


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Product Description

The Super E are butterfly type carbs with fully adjustable idle mixture screws ann changeable intermediate and main jets. The idle mixture screw is positioned and angled for easy accessibility. Even with 5 gallon gas tanks, adjustments are not a problem. The Super E has a 1-7/8in. (47.6mm) throat at the butterfly and is identified by an E cast into the throttle linkage side of the carb body below the cast in wording S&S SUPER. All Super series carburetors use a special enrichment device instead of a choke for starting. This leaves the bore of the carburetor unobstructed for greater air flow. The Super E enrichment device is activated by a variable position lever attached to the air cleaner backplate. By simply adjusting the lever, starting and warm-ups are made easy and foolproof. Throttle spool assembly is designed to accept stock 1981 and later style 2-cable pull open-pull closed throttle assemblies so stock throttle cables can be used. Formed fuel line with 90 bend allows more direct line routing. S&S Super E & G carburetors require the use of a two-cable, pull open/pull close throttle assembly.Buell M2 Cyclone 1997-2002Buell M2L Cyclone 2002Buell RR1000 1997-1998Buell S1 Lightning 1996-1998Buell S1 White Lightning 1998Buell S2 Thunderbolt 1995-1996Buell S2T Thunderbolt 1996Buell S3 Thunderbolt 1997-2001Buell S3T Thunderbolt 1997-2002Buell X1 Lightning 1999-2002Buell X1W White Lightning 2002Buell XB9R Firebolt 2002Harley Davidson FLFB 1966-1969Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide 1984-1985Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide 1970-1980Harley Davidson FLHB 1966-1969Harley Davidson FLHC Electra Glide Classic 1979-1980Harley Davidson FLHF 1970-1972Harley Davidson FLHFB 1966-1969Harley Davidson FLHR Road King 1994-2005Harley Davidson FLHRCI Road King Classic 1998-2005Harley Davidson FLHRI Road King 2000-2005Harley Davidson FLHRI Road King 1996-1997Harley David


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