Yamaha Rhino 450,660,700 Clear Full Fold Down,Folding Windshield..A Full 1/4 THICK!


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Yamaha Rhino Clear Fold Down Windshield Products may vary or be slightly different Than Product in Photos as we are always Improving our Products. Fits All Model Yamaha Rhinos Our Windshields are Manufactured to the Highest Quality. We are The Direct Manufacturer and That allows Us to Save You Money! We Try To Offer Our Products at The Lowest Prices Possible. Look and Compare our Windshields and Features. We are dedicated To Providing the Best High Quality Products at Low Prices with Fast Shipping, Excellent Customer Serivce and Satisfaction. Features 1/4 Thick Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate is Shatter Proof and U.V Stabalized and Much More Rigid and Stabile Than Thinner 1/8 inch or 3/16 Thick Windshields. Thicker is Better! 1′ Upper Lip also Adds Stability While Diverting Water and Objects. High Visability Dura Hinge That is Also Fully Replacable Requiring No Special Tools or Glues! (Most are Not) Can Be Folded in Up or Down Position and Secured in Seconds! Designed To Fit Contour of Dash With Full Length Rubber Gasket That Prevents Damage or Scratching and creates a Great Seal! Mounts Securely With No Unwanted Noise Using Rubber Cushioned Stainless Clamps and Stainless Hardware! Clean Smooth Rounded Edges on Windshield For Excellent Finish. No Need To Remove Windshield For Towing! Windshield Can Be Safely Towed at Highway Speeds.


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